Building blocks are among the kids’ toys every child at some point of their childhood loves which. Really, one of the principal building block manufacturers is the 5th largest toy maker in the world and has been termed Toy of the Century on two different occasions. Girls and boys, toddler or adolescent, all of them love these building blocks in varying amounts. What is it about them that make them irresistible to children Designed to encourage Creativity in kids and with figures boasting the kids globally spend 5 billion hours playing together, leading building block producers profess you could make 900 million distinct combinations with only six blocks of 8-tube bricks.

  • The number 1 reason that building blocks are so popular is their diversity. Of being able to build anything from these bricks that are small, the possibility makes it attractive for a start.
  • Children of varying Ages all can get pleasure out. It is neither considered as a kids’ toy by older kids nor something out-of-reach by younger ones.
  • Although the actual Bricks stay the same, as a child grows, so too does the complexity of their creations, so it is not.
  • There is an element when using building blocks of pride in creating something which is emphasized.
  • it is a toy of Unisex appeal – ideal for both boys and girls
  • it is portable – Just take a bigger collection of bricks with you to keep your child entertained on the go, in a plane, or in a friends’ home

Play Blocks Toys for Baby

And for parents, Building blocks are durable a toy which exists. They children through youth and may be passed down through generations. They are terrific value for money they never lose their appeal and may be used by more than 1 child as. In Gottfried Kirk, 1954 made a visit to meet a buying agent. The agent told Kristiansen he believed the Automatic Binding Bricks lacked system and an idea. Gottfried returned to Denmark. The Lego System was developed.

The next year, Gottfried introduced theĀ lepin lego System at a toy fair in Germany. It was the first time it had been introduced out Denmark. The results were unsatisfactory. Kristiansen did not quit. Later that year, the Lego System Play was developed. It was a better system for the Lego bricks. The Lego System Play was exported to Sweden, where it sold. In 1959, Lego bricks Along with the Lego System were released in Belgium, France, and Great Britain. It was not until 1961 that Lego bricks were first marketed in the U.S. and Canada. They were an immediate hit and distribution around the world. For the Lego company individuals in Billon worked by the end of the decade. The Lego land movie was produced. The DUPLO system for children under age five has been introduced. There were Employees in Billon in the plantain 1980 Educational Products Department has been established. The DUPLO Rabbit logo was introduced and a poll revealed that 70 percent of Western European households with children under age 14 had Lego within their dwelling.