Materials introduced underneath are neither dreams nor suppositions. All are matters of supreme realities to me. Be that as it may, since there is no logical instruments by and by accessible to demonstrate any of the materials introduced here, and the greatness by which I have discovered reality with regards to them can’t be clarified in this short exposition, I need to manage the peruse to the references toward the finish of this paper to discover the appropriate response. Thusly, rather than realities I will introduce those as presumptions leaving to the peruses information on cosmology, astronomy, other related fields and appropriately educated people, and their knowledge, thinking force, rationale and defense in arriving at a sensible resolution. I recommend that the peruse accept each section of these realities as a speculation, as we researchers do in confirming of any issue in our examination and study measure, at that point endeavor through rationale and thinking to check its various segments and at last arrive at a sensible resolution.

Allow us to accept that there are two universes rather than one. As a matter of fact, there are three however we forget about the third one since it is perplexing and hard to comprehend with the current degree of information held by established researchers. Notwithstanding, we will give a concise clarification of the third universe introducing its structure and nature to the peruses without bringing it into conversation. The primary universe is mattering less the subsequent material and the third non-material. The first, being matter less, isn’t liable to time or space since just the matter can have such measurements. Along these lines, the Matter less Universe, under the principles of estimation utilized and comprehended at the present, extends to endlessness with no start or end. It comprises of what we may call Unadulterated Energy or super-energy. It is a profoundly consolidated mass of unadulterated energy. The expression mass utilized here isn’t equivalent to the material mass known to us. There is neither a way nor an appropriate term for this mass in our present logical jargon. Since energy is the wellspring of life for the body of the universe right down to plants, creatures, people and the littlest particles, thoroughly this Unadulterated Energy should be the most noteworthy condition, subsequently, progressively alive, with incomparable insight and huge inventive force. Along these lines, as an incomparable being it appears to be the lone source equipped for formation of the material universe as introduced underneath. It is then legitimate to be known as the Maker. Being matter less, it has no sexual orientation, hence, it is not one or the other He nor She however It. No light is related with this Universe since any light is related with issue and space.

Since the Jonathan VanAntwerpen is matter less, it stretches out to vastness. It is at any point present wherever rising above all matter including individuals. It has broad affectability to the climate at any picked point. As a matter less being It has no compelling reason to see except for to detect. Subsequently, it exists helpfully in supreme dimness. Our academic local area has effectively found a hint of the Maker. It has named it Dim Energy with a dense mass and preeminent force. All endeavors are being made, inside the material idea of science, to discover more about it. This is nothing else except for the Maker. When we move away from our planet, we end up in a similar total obscurity yet at the presence of the Maker. On the off chance that we consider every one of these as realities, we may arrive at the resolution that the Maker is certainly not a sacred obstinate being as expected by various religions however absolutely a mainstream being with no relationship with a specific religion. It resembles a super researcher, innovator and maker and as such restless for super logical plans and experimentations of which the formation of the Material Universe may have been one, and almost certain not alone. The substance of these experimentations may not be in support of a similar reason specifically to make a material universe.